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The Medical Group of Columbia accepts all Medicare insurance coverages. Established and new patients are encouraged to have annual wellness visits where we will screen for dementia and depression as well as other chronic illnesses with an emphasis on preventative health. You may be asked to fill out form that will help us evaluate your health and coordinate a prevention plan as well as a health plan based on your current needs. Please bring all information regarding, specialists, pharmacies, home health agencies, physical therapists etc. Also please bring all medications currently being taken by patient. These wellness visits are often done in conjunction with routine follow up visits for chronic medical problems.


Although you don’t need to sign up each year, Medicare makes changes to their health and prescription drug plans annually. Things like cost, coverage and in-network providers and pharmacies may change. Please review new plans to ensure that the Medical Group of Columbia continues to be an option for your medical care. Refer here for additional information on Medicare benefits.


When you or your family require additional attention, we will continue to coordinate and manage your care through home health, physical therapy, hospice, transitional care, assisted living, behavioral health, skilled and long term care and referrals to specialists. 

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