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The Medical Group of Columbia welcomes children of all ages including adolescents. Some of services include well-visits, acute care, and sports physicals. In addition to acute illnesses, we also treat ADD/ADHD and other childhood chronic illnesses/disorders. Don’t forget to complete childhood (prior to 7th grade) and pre-college vaccinations! Sports Physicals are a good opportunity to conduct more thorough child wellness exams which are covered by most insurance companies and can be easily converted. These yearly wellness exams are often overlooked since most teenagers are healthy and don’t require medical attention. We encourage parents to use this opportunity to have their teenager checked out by our expert medical team.


Sports Physicals are required exams that help determine whether it is safe for a student to participate in school sports activities. The exams are required each year (usually after 5/1) prior to playing or practicing any sport. Click here to find the TSSAA Physical Form to be partially completed prior to the appointment. Sports Physicals can easily be converted to a more thorough child wellness exam which is covered by most insurance companies. 


The Medical Group of Columbia diagnoses and treats AD(H)D in children and adolescents. These symptoms can differ from person to person but there are three basic types, hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Troubles functioning at home and in school often accompany children with AD(H)D and if left untreated, many interfere with school and work, as well as with social and emotional development. There are many ways to treat/cope with AD(H)D. Our providers help families decide which treatment is best for their individual families. To screen for AD(H)D parents and teachers are asked to fill out an AD(H)D assessment form

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